Ripping Off

by Diamondback Manhunter

Ripping Off 06:44
Simulacra 04:54
Palm Drive 06:00


Get ready to grow out those curls into a glorious man-mullet and make sure to bring your favorite poofy pastel shirt (remember the 4 buttons-unbuttoned rule), because Diamondback Manhunter's taking you on a jazzy synthwave adventure to the year 1986. These six tracks share one very powerful theme: Diamondback Manhunter wrote and recorded them one after another, and collectively they form enough tracks for an EP release. On several, he fully intended to play electric guitar, but was traveling or lazy, so he decided to just layer more synths on top of each other. He always intended to get around to it, though.

All samples used are original, except for, like, 808's, 909's, Linndrum, SP-12, R-5 toms, and HR-16B, and the sampled acoustic pianos, but Mr. Manhunter's fairly sure those don't count, as they're open source and it would be a pain in the ass to recreate them. On some tracks, however, when he didn't have a headache, he created all his own drum samples. After doing so, he decided it was too much of a hassle to do again.

On another note, this is the first collection of recordings that makes heavy use of digital FM synthesis, DX-7 style. For more information, check it out on Youtube, then turn it off because Youtube won't teach you anything about it. Instead, read FM Theory And Applications by Musicians For Musicians, by Stanford University's Dr. John Chowning (the inventor of digital FM) and David Bristow.

The cover is a very obvious reference to an album Diamondback Manhunter grew up listening to, and the title track, Ripping Off, is an homage to the first track off that particular album. Note: the cat is now a fox or a cheetah or something, and clearly has a keytar, not a saxophone, so please don't sue him.


released September 24, 2016

Diamondback Manhunter (David M. Wasley) - Percussion, Guitar, Synths, Piano, Drum Programming, and everything else


all rights reserved



Diamondback Manhunter Sacramento, California

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